Common Questions

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    • Content posting, the text and the image materials has to be provided by you. We will fine tune it and add royalty free images, if necessary, to enhance it.
    • Minor front-end trouble shooting, if need be interact with your server host to ensure smooth functioning of the website.
    • Image touch-ups and replacements.
    • Free website maintenance service is limited to static websites and blogs.
    • Yes, our maintenance on Ecommerce website is limited to the posting and cleaning up of the images.
    • We do handle full fledge Ecommerce site maintenance and trouble shooting on a customized rate. Write to us for a  quote.
    • Yes, we do it as a custom project development.
    • In the Sapling and the Tree plan, we develop static Wordpress based websites and blogs. For any customized themes, plugins or development, charges are extra or as per the actuals purchased.
    • No the content and the images has to be provided by you.
    • The onus of the copyright images or content is yours.
    • We will help you with image enhancement, fine tuning the copy. If need be, we will also help you in sourcing royalty free, Creative Commons licensed images.
    • You can buy those images and give it to us or, we can raise an invoice and you can pay us to buy them.
    • The copyright and the intellectual property rights are completely yours. We just design and develop for you..
    • We only provide HTML5 animations. Flash development and animations are based on custom rates.
    • Write to us with your requirement and we will give you the quote.
    • Sure, we will coordinate with your server host to help you. But, if the troubleshooting requires some intense, programming time, then we will have to raise a custom quote for you.
    • No, we do not do the printing of the creatives. We supply you with the artwork only.
    • No, we don’t work on 3D animations.
    • Yes, if the overlap is more than 2 days of the first week of the next month, we will charge you for the month.
    • Write to us and if it fits our activity scope we might do it.
    • Normally it's 2 to 3 day’s time, unless it’s a website or a multi-page print creatives. Nevertheless, the timelines will be provided to you in our project management system.
    • The content for the post will be provided by you, we will design the post and also post it for you on your social media channels.
    • Yes, we can do it as a custom project. Write to us with your requirement and we will provide you with the quote.
    • it’s very simple. If you reverse your decision of doing business with us within 7 days time, we will refund you the amount minus the transaction cost. No questions asked, except maybe for feedback.

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